The new Switch console don't wait! Nintendo's official said just to the middle of the life cycle

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On May 11, nintendo previously announced results for the last fiscal year, data showed that its turnover reached 1.308 trillion yen for the last fiscal year, up 9.0% from a year earlier. The business profits for 352.37 billion yen, up 41.1% from a year earlier, attributable to the parent company shareholders of profits reached 258.641 billion yen, up 33.3% from a year earlier.

Then, in a question-and-answer session with investors, nintendo investment adviser David Gibson said that at present the nintendo Switch host is in the intermediate stage of the life cycle, the nintendo will continue to launch the game based on the Switch of the host.

After rumors that nintendo has in the development of the next generation of Switch mainframe, but for now, it also does not intend to develop the new host, in official term, the Switch when the prime of life.

Switch mainframe on sale in 2017, so far has been in the past three years, was welcomed by a large number of players around the world. According to the time calculation, the generation of the Switch should be the official recognition of the life cycle in 6 years or so, so that the next generation of Switch mainframe should launch in 2023 years.

Previously there are rumours that nintendo is developing an "Switch Pro" model of the configuration is more high, but the specific time and specific configuration on sale has not been disclosed. With nintendo's "temper", nintendo never pursue better host configuration, but the pursuit of what they considered the perfect user experience, nintendo said that they will continue to enhance the attraction of the Switch, develop more games for the Switch.

Sources: tencent
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