SONY update website: repeated PS5 due on sale in this Christmas

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Last week, the chief architect Mark after Cerny further introduces the hardware specifications of PS5, SONY's updated PS5 website now, and reiterated that listed this year Christmas time node.

At the same time, "PS5" eye-catching LOGO and the clues of "PlayStation 5 is" coming "is also occupy a C.

SONY is to emphasize this, may be a silent response to PS5, Xbox Series X extension. Last week, DFC, analysts say, because the new epidemic to the impact of supply chain, the Xbox Series X and PS5 may not be on the market in years.

And before the SONY, Microsoft is also given to Christmas, even make a Thanksgiving Day in advance to November oolong, opinion, delay is non-existent.

Finally, to review the PS5 specification, 8 nuclear highest 3.5 GHz Zen 2 architecture CPU and GPU RDNA2 architecture (the highest frequency of 2.23 GHz, floating point 10.3 T), 16 gb GDDR6 memory, 825 gb SSD (5.5 ~ 9 GBGB/s), single disk 100 gb of blu-ray disc, 120 hz / 8 k output 4 k, 3 d sound effects, etc.

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