Switch North America sales breakthrough 15 million, became the ten months of the best selling games

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On October 18 news nintendo US President, said the nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite in North America sales hit the 15 million mark already. In the Switch of sell like hot cakes in the game, there are 14 in North America more than millions of sales, including "Mario kart 8" the legend of zelda: rate of wilderness "the super Mali Europe: Odyssey" nintendo star ported "4 sales reached more than 6 million.

Among them, "Mario kart" series and the super Mario series has broken the Switch game sales record. Issued and other vendors in the Switch platform game or cooperation with other manufacturers also have objective of sales, such as Epic "night of the fortress, and ubisoft cooperation Mario + crazy rabbit king wars and so on.

According to the NPD Group, according to the nintendo Switch has become the United States for ten months in a row's biggest-selling video game consoles.

Disclaimer: this article from tencent news client from media, does not represent the views and positions of tencent.
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