Microsoft Xbox game One host accumulative total sales of 36.2 million units

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Recently, SONY announced PlayStaiton 4 sales, PS4 since November 15, 2013 launch, has so far has sold 60.4 million units. So Microsoft's Xbox One sales is how much? Although Microsoft E3 announced on again, but now, Microsoft seems to reveal the specific sales figures in France.

Microsoft France has called a "House Of Fans (Fans hall)" activities, Microsoft in the activities such as games and hardware is discussed, and many other topics. Recently Microsoft announced the new host on the E3 2017 Xbox One X, and confirmed the host will go on sale in November this year. Now seems to be in order to meet the Xbox One X's release, Microsoft France issued a newsletter, which was introduced in detail from the Xbox Microsoft released since the original game products.

So Microsoft Xbox One sales is how many? According to the official message, Xbox One so far sales totaling 36.2 million units, the host of the most popular game in the call of duty: black Ⅱ of action, a total of 11.4 million copies sold.

Of course, don't know since when Microsoft statistics of the data, Microsoft will usually every three months reported data and internal assessment, so the data is relatively fresh. Anyway, the Xbox One sales at a healthy level, it has given more than the outside world 30 million less than expected.

Sources: chinabyte
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