Analysts said the original 4 k is the Xbox Scorpio's biggest selling point

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For the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft has been in response to the SONY PS4 is the attention of our generation, the strongest function, based on a higher resolution than the Xbox can provide One. So the Xbox Scorpio host was born, for it has at present give priority to the most strong skills, and reached the original 4 k resolution, at least Microsoft oneself think so.

According to the views of the data analyst Michael Goodman, the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio's selling point is the primary 4 k resolution. "You can list the 4 k resolution of native and lift the difference between?" Said Michael Goodman, Microsoft on this point at least believe that has done their own native 4 k, like SONY propaganda PS4 was the strongest system. But then again, carefully identify lift and native 4 k resolution is not so easy.

Michael Goodman said SONY PS4 host is no longer the highest configuration of the host on the market, the prospect for the Xbox Scorpio is very positive. What do you think of this? Welcome comments.
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