Double graphics exchange of fire! SONY Neo PS4 upgraded version of the exposure

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    For the past few days, Sony to launch an upgraded version of the PS4 news everywhere, from rumors to reality, Sony E3 game show in the official confirmation of the existence of an upgraded version of the PS4, code named Neo, but Sony official did not disclose Neo any information, only confirmed is performance than existing PS4 strong many, can better support PS VR peripherals. Fortunately, the industry has revealed some information 

    Tidux on twitter (twitter) crazy leaks, first of all broke the point of the core is time to market and price, upgrade version of the PS4Neo will in the 2016 officially on sale, listed price and the cash to maintain consistent, for $399. This also means that there will be a large cash PS4 price range, two pronged approach to further consolidate the market advantage. 

    Other revelations also, the future of the game will be 4K resolution of the world, but even the PS4Neo can not run 4K games, but 1080p/60fps can be sure. , of course, with Sony's style, we are also not difficult to expect, PS4Neo will of 4K video perfect support, while adding support for the popular technology of HDR, as the game will also support HDR technology, also need to further confirmation. 

    Consideration to the existing 4100 million PS4 installed capacity, PS4Neo from design start it is impossible not to consider cash host, so the design of Neo very clever, that Neo and cash host mutually compatible, development is also very easy to do this. In other words, Sony did not give up cash PS4 more than 4000 million internationally, a host of new Neo just can better meet the needs of the high-end internationally. 

    Performance, it is reported PS4Neo equipped with dual graphics card crossfire, but this possibility is not large, PS4GPU performance is not very advanced, to significantly improve the performance of the single chip can also be easily done fighting to do is for better compatibility with PS4 cash host? In any case, we will see more accurate information about the PS4Neo host in the second half of this year. 

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