New iPhone case to confirm the use of new material

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Catcher Technology,is an apple iPhone case of the supplier, the company announced on Monday August earnings of $219810000.

According to DigiTimes reports, the company's revenue growth of 15.2%, an increase of 43.6%. In the first eight months of this year's comprehensive income and the same period in 2014 increased by 52.6%. And all of these results, it seems that the company received a new iPhone orders from apple.

In addition, the message also pointed out that the Catcher is indeed the next generation of iPhone chassis with a new material. There are a lot of reports that 6S iPhone may use a more robust 7000 series of aluminum alloy, in order to prevent the problem of iPhone 6 bending again.

Although the cost is higher, but Apple still decided to use new material on the new iPhone. From 2014's iPhone 6 Plus, it is more likely to change the bend, although in the same size of the other phones may also appear such a problem, but the media tend to focus on Apple's body.

From Apple's new product launch has entered the countdown stage, when Apple will use more hard material and shell, let us wait and see.
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