Microsoft announced One Xbox backward compatible with Xbox 360 games

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According to foreign media reports, for the One Xbox game console users, there is a very troubled problem - Microsoft did not provide backward compatibility of the game, resulting in the purchase of Xbox 360 game software can not run. But in the United States E3 game show to upload a good news, Microsoft Corp announced that it will provide backward compatible support to the One Xbox game consoles, can support the development of the game for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft stressed that not all Xbox 360 games can be immediately run on the new version of the game. Before this year, Microsoft will support about 100 Xbox 360 of the old games on the new version of the machine running.

If the user has purchased these backward compatible games through the Xbox platform, the One Xbox's personal game library will automatically appear backward compatible game list.

On the day of the show, Microsoft staff also demonstrated the effect of backward compatibility. Xbox 360 old games such as RPGMassEffect can run on the Xbox game console, in addition to including screenshots, new features.

According to reports, when Microsoft sold Xbox game machine, because of its support for the game is backwards compatible, let many players very dissatisfied. There was a technical expert real-time system crack, trying to achieve backward compatibility. However, Microsoft's team announced that the official does not support backward compatible, if the use of the network on the spread of the means, may make the One Xbox game machine into bricks".

Microsoft announced the game backward compatible, no doubt will stimulate the One Xbox game machine in the summer of this year or the sale of christmas.

As a contrast, Microsoft's main rival Sony Corp, its latest generation of PlayStation4 consoles are also unable to run the game for the old version of the machine development.

In the new generation of game consoles, Microsoft One Xbox has not been a rival SONY PlayStation4, but according to the U.S. NPD group data, in April this year, One Xbox sales in the United States, for the first time exceeded the SONY PlayStation4, became the best-selling game of the month.

According to the analysis, the main reason for the increase in One Xbox sales is related to the increase in the number of game software.
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