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Snakeline™ PS3™ Game - Smashing! Crashing! Shooting! Be the CRAZY speed racer!

Snakeline™ is a funky 3D action PS3™ game where players will ride on their Hoversnakes and glide across the dazzling disco-floor arena. While dodging around obstacles and snapping up colored balls to score points, you have to watch out for the other Snakeliners ready to knock you out with their weapons or tails.

Players can build up their skills in the 1-Player Mode and Challenge Mode set with over 30 levels, then battle with your friends in the 4-Player Mode or even the world’s Snakeliners in online matches for up to 8 players!

For a personal touch, you can snap a picture of your face with the PlayStation® Eye camera and map it onto your rider. Let’s dive into this frantic arena filled with chaotic action and energetic music and enjoy with your friends the spree this new sport brings to you!

Only available on PLAYSTATION®Store.

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