PSP Go! View Bundle Revealed

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            With rumours that an unveiling of the follow-up system to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) spreading across the internet like wildfire, it appears that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) see this as the perfect time to offer European consumers a brand new PSP hardware bundle.

            The cynical amongst us may well view this new console bundle as an excuse to offload surplus inventory into the retail channel, but while rumours of the PSP GO! (the rumoured moniker for the next console to bear the PlayStation Portable brand),  remain just that ?rumours ? Electronic Theatre would not like to suggest such unscrupulous practices. Instead, the team here believe that this bundle has always been intended for distribution on UK shores, and is part of SCEE抯 push for multimedia capability awareness amongst consumers.

With Go! View, you can watch sports, movies, and TV shows on your PSP. From Football to hit comedies, US dramas and a selection of Movies, everything is available to enjoy, wherever you find yourself. Offering a range of top TV including LOST and Ugly Betty, blockbuster Movies and Sports including Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League football action from Sky Sports, Go! View is simply an on-demand TV on a portable games console. Entertainment, Sports and Comedy Packs are available by monthly subscription, whilst Movies and a range of the latest TV can be downloaded via the rental service on Go! View

The Go! View retail box includes a 4GB Memory Stick, Mini USB Cable & two month's free subscription to the Go! View service, retailing with a Recommended Retail Price of ?9.99. The PSP GO! View Bundle contains a Black PlayStation Portable 3000, 2GB Memory Stick, Mini USB Cable & two month抯 free subscription to the Go! View service, for the Recommended Retail Price of 49.99.

Both the solo and bundle packages are confirmed as available in the UK immediately. Electronic Theatre will keep you up-to-date with further developments in the world of PSP.

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