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[Introduction] CXX-1713 ORIGINAL NEW LENS
[Introduction] CXX-1713 ORIGINAL LENS
Name:VNZ-1757 LENS
[Introduction] VNZ-1757 LENS
Name:ONP-8017 LENS
[Introduction] ONP-8017 LENS
Name:DWY-1069 LENS
[Introduction] DWY-1069 LENS
Name:TOP-3000S LENS
[Introduction] TOP-3000S LENS
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Weihui Electronic (International) Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Weihui Group Co.,Ltd. was established in 1995, has become a set of electronic industry, investment management, agricultural science and technology, energy development as one of the enterprises. In order to make the company's development has a high standard, high starting point, the company set up the initial in strict accordance with the construction requirements of modern enterprises, the allocation of human resources and institutional settings to optimize the combination, focus on the company to create a management standard, management professional modern enterprise.

Group consists of the seven subsidiaries, namely: Guangzhou Weihui Electronic International Co., LTD. , Hongkong International weihui Electronic Co., LTD., Guangzhou Weihui electronic Liwan branch company, Guangzhou Baiyun District Weihui Electronic Industrial Park,Guangzhou Weihuixin Investment management Co., LTD . ,Dongyuan Weihui agricultural science and technology Co.,LTD., Guangdong Weihui Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Companies engaged in business activities, strictly abide by the laws, administrative regulations, comply with social ethics, business ethics, honest and trustworthy, accept the supervision of the government and the public, social responsibility. The internal management system of the combination of responsibility, management science, incentive and restraint. In the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness of the operating principles and customer is God's purpose.

Under the environment of global economic integration and rapid development, stable supply of goods, reasonable prices, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service, will be Wei Hun group, as always, adhere to. In the era of full of opportunities and challenges, we are ready to work together with you to create a better future.

We don't have any different, but more professional than others.customers. We are looking forward to your cooperation...
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